Ecological Exhibitions 

Ecological Representation at Exhibitions

Over the past few years, environmental issues have also gained ground in the expo and event industry. It is wonderful to see that more and more businesses in the industry are steering their services and operations in a more ecological direction.

The carbon footprint of participating in an exhibition is affected by a number of factors from travelling, accommodation and cargo to structures. However, with careful planning and conscious choices, you can considerably reduce your environmental impact.

Make time for planning and working

Perhaps you do not need to bring a truckload of equipment across borders but, instead, present your products by means of augmented reality.
If you start planning your presentation well in advance, your partners will also have more time to brainstorm the best solutions for your exhibition image. Reserving several weeks for planning the stand and the related activities results in creative and environmentally friendly ideas. Your designer may be able to save you heaps of freight charges by using holograms or your specialist can save time and flight miles if exhibition negotiations partially take place in virtual reality.

Planning everything sufficiently early also enables unhurried, thorough preparations. Managing the procurement of the necessary materials in a centralised manner cuts back transport mileage and sensibly scheduling the work stages in production means a happier, healthier environment.

Utilise conceptualisation

If your business attends exhibitions regularly, we recommend conceptualising the stands and implementing the solutions for several events at once.
In an exhibition stand concept, the structures, visual elements and furniture can all be designed and implemented in a way that can be applied to a number of locations. Using the same structures and printouts at several exhibitions instead of one event minimises waste. Conceptualisation also saves costs as the prices of the elements are distributed across several implementations.
Printouts and structures designed for exhibitions can also be used in offices. Many of our clients have ended up decorating their office or showroom with their stand elements.

Leave a mark instead of litter

In recent years, it has been delightful to see that businesses have started to offer their visitors experiences instead of merchandising. A unique customer encounter is much more memorable than a free pen or magnet.
I would like to encourage everyone to think about their exhibition presentation through eventfulness. A well-planned activity not only makes it easier for people to get to know your employees, products and services but also supports your brand and adjusts the image of your company.

Shop around for service providers

There are considerable differences in the operations of businesses implementing exhibition stands. Be bold about asking your partner how they approach environmental issues in their operations. Using recyclable materials, taking the environmental load of the materials into consideration, sorting waste and, for example, increasing the energy efficiency of the lighting play a key role when assessing the environmental impact of the solution. We will be happy to provide more tips on eye-catching but environmentally friendly exhibition presentation.