Case Fuku

Combination of wood and black creates elegant atmosphere in Japanise restaurant Fuku.

Known for its diverse selection of sushi, the restaurant Fuku opened its doors in the Iso Omena shopping centre of Espoo in April 2017. The owners hoped for an elegant, warm atmosphere. The desired colours were black and wood.

Wooden lattice guarantees eye-catching appearance

As wooden lattices adorn the walls of Fuku’s other restaurants, the goal was to add them as an element to the new restaurant premises as well. However, as the walls of the space are mostly made of glass, Standi’s designer decided to introduce the lattice as a ceiling element. The lattice was integrated with a lighting system that is sophisticated and attracts the customers from the main entrance to the service point.

Japanese visuals

The walls of the restaurant imitate the Japanese ASANOHA pattern, a very popular and traditional graphic element in Japan. The chairs, barstools and lighting units of the space were selected by the customer to reflect the design of the existing Fuku restaurants. The handiwork of Standi’s carpenters can be seen at the cashier’s desk that was designed and built to fit the appearance and style of the space.

Standi also designed and executed a Fuku restaurant in the Forum shopping centre in Helsinki.

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