Case Momotoko

The interior design of Momotoko cleverly combines Scandinavian design with Asian street food spots.

The Japanese restaurant Momotoko opened its doors in the Iso Omena shopping centre of Espoo in the spring of 2017. The 150 m2 restaurant accommodates 50 customers. The interior design of the restaurant cleverly combines Scandinavian design with Asian street food spots.

Spatial design as teamwork

Momotoko’s owner Menkki Kam hoped to achieve a spirit of street food mixed with a touch of Scandinavia in the restaurant. Two designers headed the design process. Interior Architect Sanni Herttuainen’s creative spatial design was supported by the material and technical expertise of Standi’s Saku Lumivirta.

Rough and modern design

The idea for Momotoko’s interior design was built around the cuisine and food culture of the restaurant. The exceptionally high space was styled with a cascade of noodles installed in the ceiling. The enormous chopsticks and rope noodles are extremely eye-catching and creatively highlight the pride of the restaurant: their authentic Ramen noodle soup.

Special attention was paid to the materials and design of the furniture and structures built by Standi. The union of light-coloured wood and concrete adds an element of warmth and roughness to the space. The simple, modern shapes leave room for the colours and diverse flavours of the dishes served in the restaurant.

“The execution of the restaurant was top-notch. The designers took my wishes into consideration and even surprised me with fun details. Despite the strict schedule, there were no compromises on quality. The restaurant turned out exactly as I wanted,” says Menkki Kam.

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