Case Schneider

Schneider’s products and solutions are presented at the company’s showroom in Espoo. Standi participated in the renovation of the space, called Innovation Hub, by building custom furniture and structures.

Schneider’s showroom serves both the company’s employees and its customers. The company’s product selection is displayed at the space and there is also an opportunity to learn about system solutions. Standi designed and built podium elements and a control room in the space according to Schneider’s concept. Standi also renewed some display furniture and enlivened some of the surfaces using decals and printouts.

Efficient project management

“Working with Standi made the Innovation Hub project quick and easy. The project was challenging, but we received some great tips for designing the furniture elements in the space so that they form a functional, consistent entity. We were also given advice on lighting and quick help in any situation in the different stages of the construction project – even those we weren’t prepared for. Standi was fully committed to our project and never missed a deadline. The space is now extremely stylish and serves our needs to a T. The utilisation rate of a space is the best possible indicator of success, and for this space, it is extremely high. Our goal was to achieve the WOW effect in our visitors, and the new Innovation Hub truly achieves that,” says Sanna Olkkonen, Channel Marketing Manager at Schneider.

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