Case Stihl

Stihl’s stand at the 2019 Spring Fair displayed their products in an eye-catching, innovative manner.

Stihl, a global operator in forestry and gardening equipment, participated in the 2019 Spring Fair. For the exhibition, the company had set a goal of expediting its sales just before the new season and to create a look that would support its strong brand. The starting point for the stand solution was to create something new that would surprise both new customers and those acquainted with the products.  The goal was to display the products in an eye-catching, innovative manner.

Products displayed in an authentic environment

At the 253 m2 stand, the atmosphere leaped from spring to summer as Standi built a world where the visitors could learn about the products in their natural habitat. The cutters, blowers and shredders were placed alongside pathways built on a grass carpet.

Plank and wood elements were used to divide and decorate the space and display the products. A terrace was built at the stand to serve as a contact point and a display for small products. The open space invited visitors to learn about the products and talk to the staff.

“Standi designed and built a stand that allowed the products to shine. The stand stood out with its lush appearance and we received a large number of visitors who were interested in our gardening products,” says Mari Kilpiö, Marketing Coordinator for Andreas Stihl Oy.