Audiovisual Services

We provide image, audio and lighting technology solutions for events and exhibitions. We also utilise AV technology in our business premise and restaurant projects.

Our AV services ensure that the lighting and presentation technology of your event functions correctly and enlivens your space. We can develop a package solution from design to implementation or offer an individual solution for lighting, sound systems or AV technology, for example.

Video walls and projections

A video wall is a spectacular and effective element for both events and exhibitions.

Built of narrow-edged screens, video walls are easy to assemble into a seamless multimedia display according to your wishes. We also provide diverse LED video wall solutions. The structure enables curved video wall surfaces, among other things.
Our efficient video projectors are a functional solution for events and help you stand out. We offer a wide selection of powerful projectors. Our rental selection includes screens and touchscreens in various sizes.

Lighting design and sound system

In addition to atmospheric lighting in small spaces, our services include extensive solutions for events and exhibition stands.

Our selection includes spotlights, coloured lights for different atmospheres and using moving text or logos to convey your message. Our sound system selection covers loudspeakers, microphones and mixing consoles for even the most demanding projects.

AV solution or a rental service

Lease any equipment for your event from us, and we will deliver the systems, set them up and instruct you on their use.

Alternatively, you can opt for our turney delivery where we design and execute the AV solution for your event. Our professional AV technicians keep the technology up and running for the duration of your event.