Restaurant Design

People visit restaurants to dine but also to enjoy the atmosphere. When the space is functionally designed and the visual look supports the concept, the customers feel at ease and the employees are able to work efficiently.

The atmosphere of a restaurant is experienced through all the senses. A controlled use of the space, the materials used in the interior design, pleasant lighting and visual elements create a sense of comfort. Our professional designers will examine the concept of your restaurant and use their skills to harmonise the atmosphere of the space.

Interior design and concepts

You can simply order an interior design plan for your restaurant or the entire package from design to high-quality implementation.

We can also remodel your restaurant using any plans you provide us. Interior design concepts for restaurants are one of our strengths.

With an interior design concept, you can ensure that the visual look of your restaurants stays consistent and recognisable. In the concept, we determine the visual look supporting your goals, the design of the furniture and the materials. We also consider the opportunities offered by different business premises and guarantee a functional solution, regardless of the space.

High-quality restaurant solutions

Our professional project management and self-sufficient production ensure high-quality results.

Our project managers handle any furniture, lighting and material acquisitions. If necessary, we can also provide support for any technical alteration work required for the space. Our professionals carry out all the necessary renovation and installation work.

By ordering both the interior design and the implementation of your restaurant from us, you can avoid the challenges of a fragmented project. Producing all the services in the same place means that the project runs smoothly in terms of both implementation and schedules. The lack of long subcontracting chains means efficient alteration and additional work.

Special furniture and a light facelift

Our carpentry shop produces special furniture, image surfaces and decorations.

In addition to extensive projects, we also design and manufacture individual pieces of furniture, such as bar counters or wall murals, to enliven the look of your restaurant.

Get to know our customers


Built around a maritime atmosphere, the sushi buffet Haiku invests in quality both in its service and its decor.


Combination of wood and black creates elegant atmosphere in Japanise restaurant Fuku.


The interior design of Momotoko cleverly combines Scandinavian design with Asian street food spots.